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The Path of the householder - Gururaj Ananda Yogi

The Path of the householder

The path of householderMost of us that are listening to these videos and reading these lines are householders. We have responsibilities in the world with family, with our land lord, with our boss in the job or with our company. And we solve our lives through action.

It is in this active prayer, which is action for the sake of action, in which we have the best opportunity to integrate our body mind and spirit into a functional wholeness, and this is the path of unfoldment in itself.

Meditation, and other spiritual practices play there part in our unfoldment, but the most important part of all is played by action.

Action takes place in the span of the life of a day, which is the only day we are existing in. Today.


It is through action that we become human, that we become equal to those around us. It is through action that we are faced with the circumstances that we ourselves created, walking one step after another to the exact place we are standing up right now.

Most people do not want to be in the place they are, everybody wants to be in some other place, while the place we are in, is the exact best place for us to unfold, for us to solve ourselves through action, and in this way we make good our “persona” as well as the spirit that resides within. We offer ourselves in action to life freely. Surrendering in that wisdom which is the art of good living.

And so it comes to a point that we are not concerned with our seeking, that somehow means we want to achieve something. While, devoted to life, devoted to action, giving away your life to life, becomes a seeking in itself without you wanting to achieve anything.

That is the secret of life and good living. That is Karma Yoga.







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