Articles by Raman Leonato

This articles have been reviewed by Raman Leonato and contain the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi.

Raja Yoga combines within itself all the other Yogas

El Raja Yoga combina en su interior todos los otros yogas: Karma yoga, que es la acción adecuada, el pensar adecuado; Gñana yoga, que es el análisis intelectual, queriendo encontrar las respuestas; y Bahkti yoga, que es el yoga de la devoción.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga, as you would know, Raja means royal, the Royal Yoga, the Royal Path to Divine Union, where the individual self merges with the Universal Self, where man finds union with God. That is Yoga.

Mindfulness and the Teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Did Gururaj teach what today is named by the term “mindfulness”? Recently there has been some diverse opinions about the question of mindfulness and Gururaj Ananda Yogi teachings. Many people today feel an attraction to that word and want to learn about it, and they put in Google mindfulness and expect to get webs to […]

Personal and Impersonal God

Questioner: Guruji, this question arises from the difficulty I have with the concept of the Personal God, God with form and I ask myself what is that form? And then I understand from the things that you have said in the past that the Personal God, Ishvara, continues to exist during the present cycle of […]

Divine Will and Individual Will

Divine Will is a phrase so misunderstood. Divinity does not will anything. It is a common saying that ‘Let they will be done’. Now will in itself implies a thought process. Without thought, you cannot will and that is more for the human mind rather than the Divine mind. So what do we mean by […]

Free am I now to fight

What can I say that could be said in words..
Yet the soul flows in so many words.. yet speaks without sound
Whistling wind blows and affects not the flowering flower.
Knowing well that sound and sight resides in the heart’s tower.

Robert (Sujay) Anderson

What would be the qualifications of a meditation teacher that you would feel trust and confident that they really knew what they were doing and had your best interests at heart. I would offer these items for your consideration. – I have been meditating since 1968 – I taught TM meditation for 10 years before […]

Love’s measure

Let my love be measured by giving and not by gain
For if gain I sought this life lived would be in vain.

Love then, yourself to lose, I say again and again
For the giver can only give as clouds disperse in rain.