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Ananda means unconditional Love. This was the main teaching of Gururaj to his students. To open their hearts up so that the discrepancies of the mind are overcome. To arrive to this Goal he taught a meditation method that we call Path of Unfoldment and that includes individualized meditation techniques and spiritual practices designed for the specific needs of each particular student.

Serve for the sake of serving

When we serve for the sake of serving, when it is motiveless and egoless, then service has value and is evolutionary. It is never stagnating—if it stops growing it dies. Genuine service, like the life of the flower, consists of its flowering, for that flowering is life and life is never stagnant. It forever flows […]

Service and martyrdom

The offering of service does not mean martyrdom. Martyrdom is a kind of imbalance. Martyrdom generally originates from a fanaticism, a purpose which is conjured up by the mind.

Dedicate your life to God or surrendering to your circumstances

both are the same… Divinity is there as all the scriptures tell you; it is nearer than you think. It’s closer than your very own breath. It’s there: just open up and let it flow. Teaching and serving are two of the ways which quicken the opening up, and when the blood races and the […]

Friendship and need

Real friendship, like love, should have no need. Where there is no need, there is total acceptance of a friend. Man knows that he cannot exist without friendship, and yet he abuses friendship, because in the friendship, self is involved instead of selflessness. It is so easy to love a friend; anyone can do that. […]

Friendship – Giving yourself to others

The cup runneth over . . . why let it go down the drain? And if you are thirsty enough, have the whole cup; why only that which runs over? Have the whole cup, I know I can replenish it—there’s plenty more where that comes from. The eternal spring, undying, is forever producing that life […]

Peaceful relationships

If I think anything of another person then I must surely know that those are my thoughts, and what apparently seems to be misery could be great joy. How can we judge the so called misery a person is going through?

Love is the Divinity within you

It’s not really that love makes the world go around; love is what makes the ride interesting! What is love? In a nutshell, love is the Divinity within you. When a person knows himself, when he can really dive within and discover the love within himself, then only can he project that love to someone […]


True friendship is to find Divinity in the friend. And as you find Divinity in the friend, you will find a subtle transformation taking place in the friend as well. You will find him being uplifted, and he will not know why. He will only respond by loving you more, and he will not know […]