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Expectation is the root cause of suffering - Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Expectation is the root cause of suffering

expectationOne of the means the mind uses to project itself into the future is expectation. The expectation of the future is lived now in the present.

Expectation is the root cause of suffering.

The past can be relived in the present, and that is what human beings do. They make themselves miserable by filling their minds with circling thoughts, most of which are of the past.

In the context of the Absolute, the past does not exist and the future does not exist. Only the mind recognizes them.

When you have a headache be thankful, because if it was not manifested outwardly it would still be bottled up inside the mind. The mind, peculiar as it is, can create inner explosions rather than outer explosions—and that is how people end up in asylums.

The fear of facing the future or of turning away from that with which we are so familiar is a sure sign of instability. It is a sure sign of lack of faith and a sure sign of the disbelief in Divinity.


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