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Intuition - Gururaj Ananda Yogi


intuitionTo reach intuition is to reach a level that is very deep within. At that level, the subtle vibrations existing in all mankind become in tune with all the vibrations around us . . . that tuning-in is intuition.

True intuition is neither intellectual nor emotional, it is beyond both qualities. But the intellect and the emotions play their part—they are the instruments through which intuition is portrayed. We can use the analogy of a flute. The flute with all its holes (for variation) can be regarded as our emotional nature. Intellect is the beautiful breath of air that flows through it.

To fight the mind with the mind will never work because the mind is not perfect. The easiest way is to dive deep within. Through our meditational and spiritual practices we draw on that infinite storehouse of glory and grace and the conflicts in the mind subside, and peace comes about.

With the 10 percent of the mind that we use, we can conceive of only a part of the vast continuum, which extends from the primal atom to the highest development of the intellect, and further, to the total unfoldment of the spiritual value of man. When, with our limited minds, we think of man as a whole, or think of the animal, plant, or mineral kingdoms, we are only getting a glimpse of a very small portion of this vast continuum.


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