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Photos with message - Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Photos with message

GURURAJ029This is a slider with pictures. Click on the zoom buttom when your mouse is over the text of the photos and you will navigate through the messages in the photos. It will lead you to links related to the pictures and will navigate you through various gems for the heart as well as through the sublime poetry composed by Preatam, The Beloved, a name we used to refer to Gururaj during his last days with us.

Gururaj spoke about Non-duality in many satsangs, here is just an example for you to enjoy. View Satsang.
Gururaj Ananda on Non-Duality
Gururaj imparted Shakti to his chelas 24/7 every day of the year Watch VIdeo
Gururaj shared his teachings and Shakti
During his teaching mission that was the most important job he did. Imprimting his Love in the hearts of his chelas. Bhakti Yoga, the missing piece..
He imprinted love in his chelas
Gururaj gave individualized techniques to each of his chelas, and taught his chelas how to derive the individual techniques and mantra to other students. View Satsang.
working hard to give them a suitable path
And today they continue expanding these unique and transforming teachings about lfe and living Meditation classes in Spain
Bringing a new day to everyone
The man of many faces
Come then beloved
La mansión llena de sirvientes
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