Be mindful of yourself!

image1The mind is weighing pros and cons all the time. What I say to you is this: lose the mind and enter the area of no mind; and yet having no mind, be mindful to observe yourself. And when you can observe the mechanism of the mind, you can stand apart from the mind and watch it and watch how it works. For you now have become the observer of the workings of the mind and all its pros and cons. For the mind can never exist without pros and cons because the mind is forever in conflict because the various impressions implanted there in the mind are forever clashing with each other, and that very clash is the conflicts in your mind and those very conflicts in your mind makes you suffer. And when you go through these conflicts and find these sufferings you become miserable; and if you are miserable, how can you be compassionate?

People act in kindness. They act as if they love you. They are sympathetic with all your problems. But remember, it is an act that you are enacting through life’s various vicissitudes. Stop being the actor or the actress. Be yourself. And by being yourself you’ll find the depth of yourself and the depth of yourself is compassion itself. For every person is born with that depth. Every person is born with that unique spirit within them. You might call it God, you might call it energy, you might call it anything you like, but you are it! You are divine. And why should you lose that Divinity that is within you already?

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