Beyond good and evil

Non-judging as a spiritual practice

Fiesta_de_disfraces_11Our minds are constantly thinking in the term of good and evil, right or wrong, normal or abnormal. In other words, we keep on judging ourselves and others. Even if we hide it under the more neutral concept right or wrong. Now, in nature, if you look at nature as it is, you will never say that an electron is bad and a proton is good to understand the nature of an atom, or that a lion is bad and the poor gazelle is good to understand the ecology of the African Sabana. In nature things happen through the laws of nature which is Divine Will.

If you read the Gita, it will say that the Atman, or the spiritual self, is never slain, it is never destroyed, it could never be burnt by fire or be wetted by water. It is that eternal quality. Now, when we see degeneracy in the world, we are looking at one aspect only; the aspect of tamas, or darkness. And being involved in that darkness, we forget that within ourselves there exists that light. But if we are in the light we shall never think of the darkness. So the conclusion could be this, that the darkness and the light both are simultaneously existent. And if both are simultaneously existent, then could we say that God contains purity and impurity?

Now from the relative level, seeing this manifestation, that could be true. But then, that is a very limited view. Now, if God is regarded to be omnipresent, then He must be present in the degeneracy as well. But who defines degeneracy? Man’s mind. It is only the degenerate mind that can see degeneracy. And that is why we could never really follow the Biblical injunction, «Love thy neighbor as thyself.» I am not concerned what my neighbor is. He can be a thief, a murderer, a scoundrel. I am concerned with myself how much I can love my neighbor. And when I can truly love my neighbor I do not see his degeneracy. Hm? Then I can say that I might condemn the act, but I do not condemn the man. Hm? That is the way, that is the way.

So light and darkness will forever be there, forever be there. As in the analogy we used that it is the very sun of life that creates these clouds that makes the earth down here seem dark and gloomy. -Gururaj Ananda UK 77009

This means that nothing happens which is not Divine will, which is the same as saying that no atom moves in this universe which is not moving through the natural laws that govern its movement, including every atom that composes your body, so whatever move your body makes, it is governed by immutable laws. Click the play buttom and listen these few sentences from Gururaj:

So why not just look at things in total innocence. And just see them as they are, and not as we think they should be. We are not moving them, not even our bodies. We are just witnessing it. To do this you need to  surrender totally to the real doer, then action   happens from the center, from the real self, not from the nitty grity and the picky-packa of the little mind and its judgments. Discernment and judging are two different ball games.

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