The Law of Attraction

guaranteecover12jpegMy book Guarantee to Make The Law of Attraction Work provides ‘missing links’ for those who have been unsuccessful in using visualisation.

Essentially, we can’t manipulate the Law of Attraction very well if we don’t open our minds up to our greater reality. If we stop restricting our consciousness – as in the boxed-in mind diagram – we discover we are here in this life because we brought ourselves here.

We didn’t fly in on a jet liner of course. Our mental self goes from lifetime to lifetime and we attach ourselves to a fetus that’s about to be born in the circumstances we need. We need lessons to enable us to let go of the mirage, which is more or less what this life is. Our lessons consist of challenging the (unreal) embedded furrows within us. There are two types of furrow. The first is the impressions we have built up due to experiences in our evolution (many, many lifetimes). We call these impressions samksakras. Samskaras are not set in stone. They are a tangle of past thoughts – full of incorrect judgements – and they underlie the way we perceive the world. We can smooth them all away if we care to.

The second ‘furrow’ is our Karma. Karma is action. Ways of thinking and doing emerge in us because of our past actions. But it’s our current actions that can neutralize the imbalance set up within us. We don’t have to berate ourselves over our Karma. We simply acknowledge that it’s there and move away from it via tiny adjustments in our outlook.

Both Karma and samskaric impressions can be dealt with but they have to be addressed. We don’t need punishment for what we’ve gone through, whether in this lifetime or in past lifetimes. We need the correctly channeled conscious effort to put us on course. Conscious effort is simple to apply. It doesn’t take over our life, like a burden. It fits in perfectly well with a life of introducing stillness into our character and letting go of past stuff that’s holding us in the shackles of the mind. It’s very simple really. You’ve got to be interested though The Law of Attraction can help you if you work with it. You can’t just call on it to serve you, like you’re some sort of emperor!

When you operatein the non-attached mode you are then in a position to achieve maximum success using visualisation. But, as so many books will try to convince you, it’s of little use to send out feelings of what is called love (see FAQ’s) to an object and expect it to arrive on your doorstep. A major component of the Law is another law – the Law of Grace (see FAQ’s). Don’t let this sound too religious for you; it’s not someone else bestowing anything on you but more to do with how the science works.

All thought (and all attraction) in the universe is based on the movement of billions of tiny electrical impulses. It’s how to arrange the impulses correctly that provides the ability to use the Law of Attraction in any way you wish.

© John Lamb

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