Mind Bathing: What Is It?

Gururaj_pintando_recorteMind Bathing: What is it?

Mind Bathing is the author’s slogan, taken from an expression used by Gururaj. It refers to reconditioning yourself by bathing the mind, which is achieved by ‘unconditioning’. All we’ve learned since childhood is put aside to find our Self in total silence. It’s not difficult if you don’t fight the idea.

Bathing the mind is similar to bathing the body – cleansing, soothing and making you feel refreshed. We relax, calm ourselves, and rinse away all the dross in the mind that causes anxiety, dissatisfaction, difficult relationships, etc. The upshot of such refreshment is feeling more buoyant, becoming more efficient, without trying. Consequently, we draw whatever we want towards us.

What makes it work? Mind bathing includes the most gentle and freeing meditation technique(s) – the author refers to as Laya (your personal sound current), coupled with personal releasing. Laya meditation can be done as and when you like. It allows you to subtly attune with your own sound vibration channel. Practicing Laya meditation regularly helps you cope with all the usual turbulence you encounter and builds a newly strengthend foundation for your mind.

Laya allows very quick calming at any time you get ruffled too, and its foolproof checking mechanism enables one to slip easily into stillness when meditating.

Releasing is applied by yourself in your own good time and not according to someone else’s instructions. It’s like a personal lubrication that frees off all the rusty bits in your make-up, allowing your engine (mind and body) to operate harmoniously and without distress, even during difficult circumstances.

Releasing is learned via a simple study undertaken in the mind bathing process. It consists of acceptance and letting go of Maya, which is our attachment to perceptions caused by our senses.

Doesn’t everyone desire a smooth life with stress reduced to near zero and a positive attitude which makes things work out without much effort? Mind Bathing holds this in store for those who bother to do it, simply by deflecting thought away from the vortex of unnecessary impressions we absorb all the time. It’s purely scientific – not religious in any way – and uses our inner subtle energy, which is a proven phenomena; not some wishy-washy idea.

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