Thank you Mother!

Discipula_perritoThank you, Roopaji,
you cheer up my heart
infusing every cell in my body
with your loving laughter,
flooding my senses,
longed in my memories
with the beauty of your sublime form
that makes true the unreality
bringing us to the Real
gururaj_web3802Thank you, Sutriya,
clear eyes, clear heart, troubled mind,
Clear days of past troubled times
tenderness bringing tender
soft voice of the strong
Lilavati, walk of life
mother of many
solid ground you lay before us
for us to lay our feet
Discipulos_con_Ramon_2Panuraj, silent truth,
disguised in motion
disguised in absence
and always present in our hearts
Chaturi, collected shyness
you collect my pieces
forgotten days of battles
lost and won
gururaj_web3809Madhu, a fight of swords
many times broken heart
and many times again offered
into the altar of life
to be broken again
children’s play
You heal us from your oneness
Balraj, yearning heart in a broken vase
Force of the mighty King of Clubs
Voice that reminds us of the mighty,
heart of forbidden love
Vern, conjunction of generosity
lying between the East and the West
those two that meet
in the unknown generosity of your heart.
praseela_FPraseela, holy grail where he pours intoxicating drink
unexpected sound,
unexpected sight
of trampolines, volleyball, sand
drowned in unexpected wine.
Rita, nurse of all
you take care of care
with silent steps
and cares, caring nature
that through your hands cares
soothing the steps we walk
Mary, Queen of spades
Mother of winds, spirit of the air
You blow my fire
and our flames grow
into the dawning sun of days to  come.
gururaj_web3806Jaisha, a drop of rain
a keltic angel turns page after page,
the book of life,
and your eyes, each page,
of life the book infuse.
Harry, unknown Harry
behind cables, a hidden boy
capturing love songs in a cable trap
hidden boy playing within wires.
Tory, Philip, Sara
in your young eyes we ride the passion of our hearts
our days ahead and days past
become one in the mirror of your hearts.
Joy, how sweet thy name,
soft, very soft, very white
cool breeze of a summer day
and a cosy kitchen a winter night.
Gururaj_priya_053Priya, Ay…! Priya, Priya,
school mate that never lets you down
a hand you can always hold
without you, Priya, the word trust
would have no meaning at all.
Sujay, where are you beloved
how is it that life keeps you so busy
I miss your sharing hands
soothing my stressed muscles
allowing us all to rest
Don’t rob us your time,
the time you committed for us since the beginning of time
Paysha, gathering  us into art class
Discipulos_fiesta_collar_flores_1naughty children
may be art will bring some order
into such chaotic tribe
of the lost children you found
in this lost temple
afar from every town
Nora, cloud of worries dispersed
into the morning rain
where naughty children dance
an ancient tribal rite
dance of the rain, worries dispersed
fertilizing our tilled fields of life
Vidya Anderson - Meditation and mindfulness teacherVidya, madly surrendered
to your beloved
your beloved keeps your grail full
with his intoxicating drink
and we all drink from the cup,
getting drunk in His intoxicating love
Thank you to all of you
may or may not be named here
To this divine play I give gratitude
for Grace’s dances a play, and I give thanks
To all of you for allowing this play to be played
I give thanks and surrender my heart to thee
boys and girls like me
made children by Love
Thank you all
for unfolding the wisdom unfolded
when two or more are gathered
in the name of the Eternal One, for ever existent
in the breath we breath


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