imagesSatya means truthfulness. Truthfulness does not only mean uttering words of truth, but acting truthfully.

Now we know how fragmented the human being is. His mind will think of one thing, his mouth will say another thing and he will do another thing. Yes. That is being untruthful to oneself.

To be untruthful to oneself means that you say one thing, think another thing and do another thing. So you are pulled to pieces by yourself.

bigstock-freedom-woman-happy-and-free-o-45243658 Now if we can very consciously combine word, thought and deed, then we are being truthful to ourselves, and when we are truthful to ourselves we can be truthful to others.

One of the qualities of truthfulness is sincerity, because a sincere person can never be untruthful. Every act of his, every word of his, every thought of his, because of that sincerity that is within him, will always act with the flow of nature and never against nature.And when we act with the flow of nature, which we have to do consciously, then we become truthful, we become sincere.

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