What Are We?

Gururaj with SitarWhat Are We?

Until very recently, reference to the spiritual self was treated as a bit quirky by those who don’t take an interest in such matters. But recent scientific experiments and calculations have lifted the cloud of scepticism on what has, for millennia, been referred to as spiritual. It has been proven that what we perceive, of ourselves and everything around us, is only 26% of what we really are. The other 74% is energy that is definitely present but it’s invisible, not operating in light and therefore referred to as dark energy or shadow energy.

Moreover, what we do see is 99.9999999999999% nothing – and the remaining little spec is an electrical impulse, tearing around causing waveforms which give the (false) appearance of being solid matter!

These are scientific facts. There are approximately eleven dimensions in our makeup but we focus exclusively on the three dimensions we latch on to with our senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

What is more, the fourth dimension of our being has recently been verified. e can celebrate a massive step forward in understanding our brief presence on Earth. The Higgs boson validation, announced in July 2012, has confirmed that matter is given its mass byparticles finer than matter itself. There are trillions of bosons around and within every cell of solid matter.

The bosons form a continuous thick fog – everywhere – but we don’t see them because they are of a dimension that the human brain doesn’t need to use to when it limits itself to interpreting what the five senses feed it with.

Hurrah! We no longer have to live in confusion, going blindly along with myths like a presumed ‘ether’ or that of an unseen almighty controller who, working in illogical ways, created all we see around us (and consequently needs our consummate respect!).

Mankind was terribly confused during the past several millennia by thinking that there were either separate dimensions or controlling entities existing ‘out there’ somewhere These presumptions, about something no-one has ever seen, caused almost infinite pain and suffering, via arguments, wars and hate.

But recent discoveries enable us to accept that all existence is here and now. There isn’t any time or separation, except in the human mind. (Thanks to Mr Einstein ..et al). The truth of ‘actuality now’ has been experimentally authenticated.

[You could usefully refer to my book Discover Your Subtle Self for a non-scientific understanding of the dimensions within us and the practical ways, in daily life, to enhance acceptance of whole existence being here and now.]

What we experience, as we proceed in any form of yoga, is the human practicality of relating to both timelessness and non-separateness. These are qualities, as we on Earth would interpret, that are (two of) the ‘higher dimensions’ within us. Timelessness is experienced as being in the present moment, without desires or worries and without relating to the past or the future. Non-separateness means a feeling of connection with everything in existence. Everyone has experiences of timelessness and non-separateness, even if faintly, when they practice yoga.

Sometimes its without the help of any practical yoga. Yoga means union. Union of higher dimensions with not-as-high dimensioins (our 3 dimensional sphere in particular) is continuous and is picked up on by minds at random. True and lasting experience of timelessness and non-separateness brings about the contentment and satisfaction in life that most people, consciously or unconsciously, seek. This natural state occurs because they are experiences of our actual self as opposed to our egoic mind self.

So what is existence all about? Consciousness. Everything is consciousness. Whole (pure) consciousness is all dimensions, which is a oneness without duality. That’s what we are – and that’s all we are – and we are nothing else. What we perceive depends on where we put our consciousness. In the three dimensional fragmentation – meaning restriction – of consciousness we cover over our realness, our actuality, like curtains shutting out the light. In pure (multi-dimensional) consciousness we become aware of our true nature.it

Pure consciousness is lived by us continuously. We are it. But we are hardly aware of it during this limited, quirky, solid-matter form. When realisation dawns we re-cognise that we have been living the real self even more than the mirage we call human life.

Copyright J Lamb, October 2012

(First 5 paragraphs based on the introduction in Melting Into Meditation)

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