Can you get self realized in one life time? (II)

Gururaj initiates CansitaSo come what may, whatever heaven and hell has to come I accept it fully, and the entirety of whatever I have built up as binding structures I can get rid of, in just this life time. So if this is true and you are earnest in your determination and honest in your practice this liberation is at your hands in this life time you are existing in now.

We have been cooking our meal, the one we have to eat, for a long time, but we can get rid of it in a few moments, like the meal that we have in front of our plate after our mother has been preparing it for all morning.

Gururaj gives here an example of a castle that has been in the darkness for years, but the moment you bring light into it, darkness vanishes, and this analogy really describes the process of understanding, when the understanding dawns in us, the confusion and darkness generated by this lack of understanding, immediately disappears.

What does being beyond the time factor mean in reality? This is a very profound question and realizing it’s deep meaning can bring a lot of freedom to your mind. Time is not a factor to sort out the problems within this bag of impressions through which we cognize our particular existence. We can free it in just one moment, like when putting the lights on in a room which has been dark for years.

But to create these circumstances in which we will discard the seeds we have planted in the past, we need heat. A lot of heat through the spiritual practices that we are learning and practicing in our daily life. This heat and the circumstances this heat will bring will definitely bring the end to all karmas, even if we have been creating them for millions of years. We just need acceptance and the discrimination between the real and the unreal that will guide us in the actions we have to perform.

Not accepting things cowardly, not accepting because you are not prepared to fight, but accepting things as they are and face them bravely, ready to be offered in the altar of life to be used at its fullest.

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