Can you get self realized in one life time? (IV)

But, we always want to be in a place we are not. We are always imagining ourselves with money, or a new relationship, or in a another job. Instead of taking the opportunity that our circumstances bring us to surrender ourselves performing action there. In the direction we feel for. Many salesmen would like to be a carpenter, and some of them achieve it.

True Acceptance. Something we need to understand well. Acceptance is not passively taking whatever comes, but accepting the challenge bravely and taking action whilst we surrender our ego in that action in which results are not important, but the action itself is important and through it you realize yourself.

And a little secret… that which you hanker for will not bring you happiness, so it is not necessary to hanker for nothing. Have desires, but do not let them be yourself.

And work for the sake of work. Whatever kind of work it is. It is so simple really.

So, now that you have listened these word of wisdom, mull over them and understand them and then you have to put them into practice. Because this that we tech is a practical philosophy, not just theories.

Make your actions in life as if it was composing the song of your life and merge yourself in that melody with your soul as you would do with a song. And dance with this melody that you are composing with your actions when you have surrendered them to divinity, when your identity is not the important one, but Thee is important, my beloved. The beloved that looks you from the eyes of your neighbor, but also the beloved that is surrounding you all the time through its myriads of expressions.

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