Can you get self realized in one life time? (I)

GURURAJ032When asked this question, Gururaj gave always the same answer. Yes it is possible. And his chelas has made true with their experience this teaching.

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So, as one could say, here we are in this life time after millions of years of evolution. And the instrument we have to cognize our existence is just this individualized mind that we call our ego. And it is impossible to exist in a body without an ego. We need it as it is the only instrument we can use to cognize our existence, and in fact the ego self is what carries this body through which we experience life. Now we want to live a life of light, of freedom, of love, we want to achieve that happiness that runneth the cup over. So we come and start this path. The Path of Unfoldment.

Now, where we are is in this place, the actuality in which our experience of life takes place. How did we arrive to this place, well… we all know that in fact it were our own two feet that gave every step necessary to be in this place and time in which we exist, and this is Karma. But Karma works hand in hand with Grace. It is not only you that created this circumstances in which you are, it is not only you that created the conditionings in your mind that made you take certain choices in your life. Somehow Grace has created the conditions together with you.

The best conditions for your karma to unfold.

Escanear0007If this was not such, evolution could not be possible. It is because in every stage of evolution, that the conditions surrounding the evolving form were the best conditions for that form to continue evolving, that evolution was made possible and from an atom, it became a molecule and from there a living cell and so on so forth till we arrive to today.

The only day you have to experience life is the one that is happening right now. When  your individual mind becomes with the rest of what is becoming in this moment. The ego or individualized mind is the instrument with which you are experiencing and cognizing your existence. And action is what circumstances demand from you.

To put an example which is easy to understand, say you have killed 10 people in your last life time, so Grace might put you in this life-time in the middle of a fire in a house were 11 children are trapped and you risk your life 11 times to save each one of them one by one, well you have a life in your credit balance. So by the power of Grace you are always placed in the best circumstances to solve the “persona” through which you experience existence. Understanding this is one of the most important steps in the path.

Impressions formed in our life can be wiped away by submerging in the action that circumstances of life bring you. Both results of Karma, good or bad, are binding, are creating our experience of life without us being able to guide our life in any other direction but the created by our own Karma. Action plays a very important part and those demanding circumstances are a gift of Grace for you to solve yourself through action.

So let us look at the so called good and bad things that we have done. We might think that we have been bad, and thus be afraid of what will happen to us, feeling that perhaps the consequences of our actions will not be what we would have looked for. But whatever the outcome you have generated for yourself, is the best outcome for you to continue unfolding.

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