Nature is but One

Nature is but One

Nevertheless, we in our individual capacities can recognize and realize that all nature is but one, for the Manifestor has not manifested two. The entire manifestation is one. But when through evolutionary processes man started thinking, then he started compartmentalizing that I and you. I and you. Now if there is one, there could be no friction. But when there is two, there is friction. So it is man’s doing that divided up this universe into name and form. This is a dog. This is a man. What is it actually? It is name and form. But the universal spirit between man and the dog is the same at its root. So what we have to do is go down to the root, and that is the only salvation to bring a greater stability into this world.

Ninety‑nine point nine nine nine percent of this world’s population are mad. Yes. There are a few enlightened beings that are totally sane. But as soon as there is a little imbalance between the three gunas, tamas, rajas, and sattva, then, then that very imbalance is insanity. For if there was this balance, there would be no greed, there would be no hatred, there would be no wars. There would be no chaos but a quiet, calm, cool state of existence. And that is real life. We are only presuming to be alive. It is a presumption of the mind. And yet this life that we live cannot be denied. It has its own form of reality in its own form of chaos. So what kind of reality do we want? A chaotic reality or a calm, balanced reality? The choice is yours. And Divinity has given us that free will, and that very free will we have imprisoned in this chaos.

What to do? Hmm? [Laughter.] How to get out of it? That is the problem. We are a practical people. You know, I said the other day, all the theories of the world can be thrown away. Burn up all the books. They lead you nowhere. They add greater and greater confusion instead of the fusion we need between mind, body, and spirit. For opening up of the heart and allowing that divine grace to flow from that reservoir that is within man, that is really the goal of man. That is the destiny of man. That is God‑ordained! But we are going against what is ordained. So can you blame this world for being in a chaos? So therefore true masters can only advocate love.

Throw the whole Bible away, but retain one passage: «Love thy neighbor as thyself.» Forget the rest. There’s a lot of pornography in it and everything. [Laughter.] Yes. And I tell you if it was not the Bible, the country that I come from it would be banned. Yes. Because it is the Bible, they can’t ban it. Yeah. Yes. «Love thy neighbor as thyself» is the way to bring this chaotic world into a greater balance.

Now how do I love my neighbor as myself? It is not something that I try to do, because trying is a mental condition. You try with the mind. It’s a conception. It is not something that comes from a realization. And I can only love my neighbor as myself if I love myself. But how many people really love themselves? Ninety‑nine percent of people hate themselves. Oh, it is, it is nothing to stand in front of the mirror and powder your nose for two hours. That doesn’t mean you love yourself. Hmm? No. No. It is just you are trying to make yourself look more pretty or more attractive for your husband or whatever the case might be. To truly love yourself is to be integrated within yourself, and by integration, by that integratedness within yourself, you find that Divinity there. And when you become one with that Divinity, then you do not love that Divinity, but you become that Divinity which is you. Every man is Divine. Gods on earth and goddesses on earth. And they’ve become [asuras?]. That’s a Sanskrit word for demons. And so chaos must result because man has forgotten himself while all the scriptures in the world keep on saying, «Man, know thyself!» But we have forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten that we are essentially Divine.

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