Ananda means unconditional Love. This was the main teaching of Gururaj to his students. To open their hearts up so that the discrepancies of the mind are overcome. To arrive to this Goal he taught a meditation method that we call Path of Unfoldment and that includes individualized meditation techniques and spiritual practices designed for the specific needs of each particular student.

Rejection of all ties

Aparigraha literally means rejection of all ties. Now, as a householder we cannot reject all ties. By ties I don’t mean the lovely maroon one you have on there.


Satya means truthfulness. Truthfulness does not only mean uttering words of truth, but acting truthfully

Free am I now to fight

What can I say that could be said in words..
Yet the soul flows in so many words.. yet speaks without sound
Whistling wind blows and affects not the flowering flower.
Knowing well that sound and sight resides in the heart’s tower.

Passion and compassion

  What is basically passion, and what constitutes passion? There could be so many different kinds of passions. Certain kinds of passions are totally physical. Yet there is a divine passion which is totally spiritual, and in that spirituality of spiritual passion, there develops within you an intense longing for that divinity that we all […]

Love’s measure

Let my love be measured by giving and not by gain
For if gain I sought this life lived would be in vain.

Love then, yourself to lose, I say again and again
For the giver can only give as clouds disperse in rain.

Love is limitless

Love is limitless. It is beyond all boundaries. It is beginless and endless. … But when we bring love down to the individual level, how are we to experience it? When love is brought down to the individual level, that purity, or that expansiveness comes down from a universal vastness into the narrow channel of […]

Service is an art

Service is an art, and art is freedom. So when we serve in the spirit of an offering, it is a freedom that is expressed from deep within ourselves. Service does not bind, it frees a person.

Service is devotion in action.

When one accepts oneself at one’s true value, then service is performed for the sake of service; and that service is just another name for devotion. The service of mankind is the service of God. It is the internal God that is externalized in His varied names and forms.