Name and Form with respect of isness

  Now, we come to an important question. How real is the mind? The mind is totally formless. Mind has no form, no shape, no size. It is universal and immeasurable, and yet because of the lack of awareness, you create form within the mind which is formless. You create a name which is nameless. […]

Thinking useless thoughts

So what is here in the mind? Nothing but confusion. All kinds of varying thoughts conflicting. I have to pick up this glass. Now I have to think, «Shall I pick up this glass or not?» Why must I think, «Shall I pick up this glass?» Pick it up. Do you see? Most of the […]

The reality exists within you

So we normally divide things up because separation is part of our nature. We always divide things up. This glass is separate from me. And you are separate from her. Or whatever the case might be, I am separate from that video camera. And because of the sense of separation, you also create the separation […]

Isness and Actuality

   So meditation and action are totally allied to each other. There is no separation. Why do you want to meditate is to find that oneness within yourself where the mind, body and spirit can become integrated. Fine. That is good, that must be done; but it must also find its expression in your daily […]

Meditation and renounciation

Someone asked me a question this afternoon. This person said that I have a family to look after, children, husband and others, but I would like to have more time to do my meditations. So I would say that meditation leads you into one way, while your action in daily life leads you in another […]

Can you get self realized in one life time? (I)

When asked this question, Gururaj gave always the same answer. Yes it is possible. And his chelas has made true with their experience this teaching. You can download each of the tracks separately and you will get in this way the full satsang. You can also download our version of this satsang properly cleaned and […]

Nature is but One

Nevertheless, we in our individual capacities can recognize and realize that all nature is but one, for the Manifestor has not manifested two. The entire manifestation is one. But when through evolutionary processes man started thinking, then he started compartmentalizing that I and you. I and you. Now if there is one, there could be […]

It happens all the time in heaven

How can I be more kind to you, how can I be more loving to you. A poem by Hafez. Dedicated to the shakti that Gururaj Ananda Yogi brought to us.