Gems of the Heart

An uplifting experience and a learning forum, from Gururaj’s UK works – a selection of short extracts, poetry and 3 talks. This is one of those reference book you can pick up daily, thumb down the list of contents and pinpoint whatever grabs your attention. Always a refreshing read – even browsing over one saying […]

Discover your subtle self

Back Cover – “Discover Your Subtle Self pinpoints the fact that contemporary scientific and ancient mystical explanations about our existence are one and the same thing. Quantum physics has recently provided us with evidence of a likely 11 dimensions in our makeup, and in all matter surrounding us. That’s 8 extra dimensions to add to […]

Guarantee to Make The Law of Attraction Work

Guarantee to Make The Law of Attraction Work is a book about visualisation, with an instructional table included for practising. It also examines what is essential to know; the natural laws that can be utilised by anyone to acquire material stuff or to improve their lives in any way desired. But it’s not a book […]