Thousands of people were initiated by Gururaj Ananda Yogi during his 12 years of teaching, amongst them we have selected those ones that have a public dedication teaching meditation and spirituality, or somehow still involved in assisting others in their spiritual unfoldment. Just browse them bellow and contact any of them through the means provided in this website to get a direct experience of the shakti that is imparted in their presence.

Roopa Morosani Ph. D.

I have been engaged in meditational practices consistently since 1966, and teaching them, off and on, since 1970. I was fortunate to be with Gururaj from the day he began his teaching mission in London in 1976 until his final day day of teaching in Victoria, Canada, in 1988. I traveled and worked closely with […]

Jaisha Hooper

Judith (Jaisha) Hooper (born April 15, 1949, in San Francisco, California) is an American journalist. She lives in western Massachusetts. A student of Gururaj Ananda Yogi since 1978, she has been a teacher of meditation since 1979, and a healer since 1980. Hooper has worked as an editor and writer for the magazine Omni. With […]

Madhu Braunger

I am a secondary educator and mother of three children who has been been meditating for over forty years and teaching it since 1980. I can’t imagine life without the calmness it weaves into each moment of my day. I studied with Gururaj for ten years, opening to his message that true joy can be […]

Dhanjee Larsen

He worked as a fireman in Denmark and received the golden medal to value due to his intervention in several dangerour fires saving the lifes of those trapped in the fire. Today he works in a nursing home and teaches meditation to those that come to him seeking to learn. He was the leader of […]

Jytta Loehr

Jytta Loehr is a established Danish artist and a student of Gururaj since 1982. She leads the Danish Meditation Society and also teaches meditation in Smitri , Greece. Grades  Académie des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium 1,978th ​​Study, Japan 1978 Scandinavian Association Performers College, Rome 1993 Fresko-school in Florence in 1999, 2000 Greek Academy, iconography-line, 2004 […]

Dooreena Durbin, M.Ed.

When I embarked upon the spiritual path, my journey became crystallized when I learned the ancient art of meditation. Thirty five years later, I am still practicing meditation and have been teaching for over 30 years. In my role as the senior academic advisor for medical students at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College […]

Praseela Feltenstein

I have been a wife, mother and special education teacher, and now I enjoy being a retired grandmother. I began using AMS’s practices in 1979 and teaching meditation in 1980, experiencing Gururaj’s teachings directly. Meditation has been the key to coping with all of life’s challenges as well as to unlocking life’s joy. It has […]

Jasuti Goss

Jasuti Goss has taught meditation for 30 years. When asked about her way of teaching, she simply explains that her students come with one deep and sincere question, “Who am I?” She then gives them the tools: meditation techniques and new understandings, so they can start their own journey of self-discovery.   Contact 765-642-2652 […]