Everything is beautiful

Once we go beyond the surface value of a thing then we see the beauty within everything.

Love is attached and non-attached at the same time

Many things in life are paradoxes. One can be totally devoted to someone and yet be non-attached. Now there is a difference between non-attachment and detachment. Detachment is to exclude oneself from all activities of life and just to be far away, to become reclusive. To be non-attached is to be able to partake of […]

Spiritual force is what awakens the light within you

The true teacher is he who does not talk from the mind, although the mind and the mouth has to be used, but he talks from a spiritual depth which he has experienced himself. So what he is conveying to you so that your mind can grasp it is wisdom that comes from within. But […]

Divinity face to face

How do we see Divinity face to face? When we can see that force in everything, in every living being, in every creature, in anything animate as well as inanimate. When the sun shines, the sun shines for all, and the glory of Divinity is there for all. You see. So this is what we […]

Love is limitless

Love is limitless. It is beyond all boundaries. It is beginless and endless. … But when we bring love down to the individual level, how are we to experience it? When love is brought down to the individual level, that purity, or that expansiveness comes down from a universal vastness into the narrow channel of […]

Obstacles in the path

The spiritual path does not need to be difficult or cumbersome. You will find obstacles, which is good. The greatest teacher in life is obstacles. So every obstacle that comes in your path, be thankful. One way to be thankful to obstacles is to become the observer of the obstacle. When you become the observer of the obstacle, the obstacle does not hurt you.

Service is an art

Service is an art, and art is freedom. So when we serve in the spirit of an offering, it is a freedom that is expressed from deep within ourselves. Service does not bind, it frees a person.

Service is devotion in action.

When one accepts oneself at one’s true value, then service is performed for the sake of service; and that service is just another name for devotion. The service of mankind is the service of God. It is the internal God that is externalized in His varied names and forms.