AttachmentThe opposite of attachment is not detachment. The opposite of attachment is non attachment.

Thinking about Fear

You’ve got to neutralize the mind. And how do we neutralize the mind? By spiritual practices. If a fearful thought comes into your mind, let it be there. You can become an observer of that thought and the thought loses its power. Now to become an observer, it’s a long process, it just does not come overnight. There must be some easy way. So what do you do?

Thinking useless thoughts

So what is here in the mind? Nothing but confusion. All kinds of varying thoughts conflicting. I have to pick up this glass. Now I have to think, «Shall I pick up this glass or not?» Why must I think, «Shall I pick up this glass?» Pick it up. Do you see? Most of the […]

The reality exists within you

So we normally divide things up because separation is part of our nature. We always divide things up. This glass is separate from me. And you are separate from her. Or whatever the case might be, I am separate from that video camera. And because of the sense of separation, you also create the separation […]

Samskaras are the patternings gathered through the process of evolution

We are today the product, the sum total of every action and every thought of the past. Nothing is ever destroyed, it is there eternally. All your actions and every thought that you have ever thought is there within your memory box, and that is what we call samskaras. We are nothing but a bundle […]

Be fearless!

The way to get rid of fear is to be totally involved in everything that one is doing, because fear is never of the present. To be fearless is to have faith in oneself; to have faith in oneself means to have faith in Divinity, for the human being is divine. All fear is based […]

As you sow, so shall you reap

The law of cause and effect, or karmic law, is the principle that as you sow, so shall you reap. Karma forms an integral part of the subtle body and exists in the subtle body in an impression form. So karma, which is action, transforms itself into impressions which we call samskaras. Thus by thought, […]

Observe, without attachment to your ideas

When we can observe any situation without being affected, then that would imply a non-attachment. And that is the true meaning of renunciation. Renunciation does not mean leaving your family and the world and going to some Himalayan cave. That’s escaping. Attachment is always generated by need. If we direct our belief and faith to […]