Free Will

To reach from here to some other place in England, the freewill will tell you, you take a motor car or a horse or whatever you want to use. Your freewill will analyse what you have to do. But the general plan is to reach from A to destination B and that is the Divine, the Divine will that says that you have to reach from point A to point B, how you do it, is your business.That is where freewill comes in.

Business man

A business man loses a thousand pounds today, so what happens to him, he becomes very depressed and in that depressed state, his mind will not function properly and tomorrow that will make him lose more. But if he accepts the fact that «Look, I have made a wrong deal and I have lost a thousand pounds. So what!» – it will bring a certain tranquillity in his mind whereby he will be able to think straight and correct the mistake that he has made and make up for his losses.


Now when man realises that all is one and in the relative field everything must have its opposite. Pain must have pleasure and the other way round. Sunshine will bring rain. Cold will have its opposite in heat. And when a person resolves this and truly understands the law of opposites

There is no separation in anything whatsoever

there is no separation in anything whatsoever. Here in this world we might think in the terms of billions and billions upon billions of atoms all got together to make up this world, but looking at it from a distance, from another plane, this whole world is but just one atom.

The progress of evolution

So in the progress of evolution since beginless time, as the universe assumed various cycles of existences for all that is created, must perish. All that is born must be preserved, then it decays and then it dies. And from those very ashes, from the dissolution, another universe comes into being but this is still governed under the laws of relativity.

The absolute

But yet as a flower would, like, or has as its nature to give off fragrance, so that primal energy also by its very nature the absolute, expresses itself by its very nature, to give off the fragrance which we call relativity or which we call Jesus.

Self-surrender to Divinity

Now, we come to the last section of Niyama. The Sanskrit word is Ishwar Pranidarn, Ishwar Pranidam. That is what all religions are about, ‘Self-surrender to Divinity’. We talk and we read about, ‘Thy will be done’ – lip service. As long as we have this me and mine, Thee and Thine are forgotten, always. Self-surrender would imply this very principle, ’Thy will be done’. Now if you cannot surrender yourself to the impersonal God, the transcendental Divinity, then surrender yourself to the imminent God.

Raja Yoga combines within itself all the other Yogas

El Raja Yoga combina en su interior todos los otros yogas: Karma yoga, que es la acción adecuada, el pensar adecuado; Gñana yoga, que es el análisis intelectual, queriendo encontrar las respuestas; y Bahkti yoga, que es el yoga de la devoción.