Those that are gone

So the dead person is as living as you are living. It has life as you have life, but in a different dimension. That is the only difference. It develops a greater clarity of mind, the departed soul’s mind, or the soul itself rather, because without that clarity it can’t determine its next birth.

You are only a product of your samskaras

Because each and every child, finding the propergenetic combinations, the chromosomes and all that business, takes birth through a vehicle. Now why all these children look different is because these different genetic combinations bring out certain characteristics of the samskaras of that particular soul when it is reborn.


Beloved Guruji, my question is about the care for the dying, and also about the caring for the soul after death. The Tibetans read The Tibetan Book of the Dead with the idea of accompanying or helping the soul with the different transitions it goes through during the first hours after death. For us, are prayers and beautiful thoughts of love in any way helpful to the departing soul, or is that more to help those help those who have been left here?

King Akbar

There’s a little story, I don’t know if I told it here in England, that King Akbar, the great ruler in India, wanted to find the happiest man on earth.

The dual aspect

So start from the dual aspect and this starting comes not by mental analysis that ‘I accept this’.

We act in this world just as waves

But how could that mind ever comprehend, how could the wave ever comprehend the vastness of the ocean by analytical means, by the head? No. It is to be realised by the heart, the core of the personality and then the wave will know the value of the ocean.

Avoid conflicts

So in order, in order to avoid conflicts in life, one starts off by surrendering the freewill, not at the time when you are in need but at the time when you are not in need.

What is the purpose of having this freewill?

Now what is the purpose of having this freewill? What is the purpose? The purpose of having the freewill is so that you do not become fatalistic. Many a country has been ruined because of this fatalistic attitude that «Oh well, He’s the doer and whatever happens, happens.» That is not so.