The Lover of Life is Dead

The lover of life is dead, I dream…
His love ongoing and rushing as the river
Feeding unfertile lands parched in thirst;
As moonbeams laughing at the darkened sky
He steers the stars as if in play.

It happens all the time in heaven

How can I be more kind to you, how can I be more loving to you. A poem by Hafez. Dedicated to the shakti that Gururaj Ananda Yogi brought to us.

Tomorrow means nothing

Tomorrow means nothing as years go by
For treading where all is I, why wonder why
To fathom truth.. life’s purpose together be
For I know, of nothing else but that I am thee.

Know then, now it is you…

I quiver as I step these stones But these wracking bones must carry me To yonder hill… where He is.   I know He is there, I know He is everywhere Yet I strive and struggle to reach him To find that He is nowhere   Plodding on… He still beckons… Plod on! For love […]

Poetry «What can I say»

Soul flows in so many words … yet speaks without sound.

Poetry «Dance «

Born of the kingly rank and palaces thy keep,
With domes of gold and marbled halls,
And garments jewelled and court dancers like fairies,
To dance and sing for thee, and thy limbs to caress.

Poetry » Find the lighted star»

From heights, hazy in the cloudy night
I try to fathom and find the lighted star.

Poetry «Perfection»

At this moment into timelessness, spacelessness, perfection;