Accepting or rejecting… both meet at the end.

We are allowed to think. We are allowed to accept. We are allowed to reject. And that is what progress is all about. If you reject a certain thought, I will not say, “Do not reject.” I say, “Yes, go on rejecting—rejecting until you reach the stage of accepting.” It is like two people moving in opposite directions around this globe—sooner or later they will meet face to face at the other side.

Accepting the teachings from a teacher

The person most qualified to accept what a teacher says is the one with devotion in his heart. When devotion is there, there is acceptance. If one is lacking in devotion, then evaluation will not come from the heart, it will come from the mind.


Some people are born with such deep faith in them, from the word go and to have that faith in them, they have at some time or another, perhaps in their previous lives who knows, worked hard for that faith.

Thy will be done

Now people would say that, «Okay, I do spiritual practices. I find some peace. I find some betterment in life,» which is the experience of practically all people. «But how can we expedite it? How can we make it quicker?» The answer lies in the fact that you let go. Just let go of that which is called mind. Easier said than done. How does one let go?

The Kingdom of Heaven is here

To make you see, hear, feel, realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is here, here and now, and nowhere else for you. That is the role of the guru.

The Path of the householder

Most of us that are listening to these videos and reading these lines are householders. We have responsibilities in the world with family, with our land lord, with our boss in the job or with our company. And we solve our lives through action. It is in this active prayer, which is action for the […]

«Looking» vs. «Seeing»

Seeing is focusing on a particular object; and when you focus on a particular object the mind starts analyzing and you are lost. When you look, in totality,—just looking and not allowing the mind to interfere in looking, then you see the truth.

The light is forever shining

Through meditation one reaches the core of oneself, the heart—we can call it by any name. This essence is the core of the human personality, of the embodied form in which the spirit dwells. The kingdom of heaven lies within, surrounded by our embodied form.