The Spiritual Value in Human Beings can be Experienced

The spiritual value in human being might not be able to be proven in a test tube, but it can be experienced! When it comes to the question of effort, the most important thing is not the physical or mental exertion that is involved, but the attitude that one develops in doing things. If you […]

It is Good to Doubt

It is good to doubt. Doubts spring from your mind—and remember, they have nothing to do with the teacher. If you overcome your doubt, you are overcoming the discrepancies of your mind. So doubt is good, because a doubt is the springboard for further inquiry. As you go on inquiring, inquiring, inquiring, you will find […]

Be alert!

On the spiritual path there is no laziness, there is no self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is called delusion. When a person is a true seeker, then the environment that is necessary for his growth comes to him; all circumstances lead him to it. What happens in practical life is this: if our attention is only on the […]

As above, so below.

Even on the spiritual path there cannot be self-satisfaction because the forces within us, the very forces that constitute the ego—the three gunas—are forever in turbulence, and it is this very turbulence that pushes one on and on and on. There is no rest for man until he reaches self-realization. People today are operating more […]

Acquisition of Knowledge

Being by nature inquisitive, a person has to inquire and inquire and inquire. He wants to know the cause of things. He wants to know why this flower grows, why the wall stands upright, and a million things of that nature. He thinks that by knowing the causes of exterior things he will be left […]

Preservation of the ego-self

We are all little egos. We are all bundles of impressions created over so many lifetimes. These impressions are there and they cannot be annihilated. They are eternal, they have to exist. Every thought is eternal, and cannot be destroyed. The vibrations set up by that thought go on and on through eternity. So what […]

The Path of Yoga

The path of Yoga is not as simple as it seems. The path of Yoga, Vivekananda said, is the path of heroes, the path of the warrior. There has to be determination. Krishna said, “There are a few types of people that want to reach me: the one that wants worldly gain, the one that […]

I and my Father are One

The Universal Consciousness within you This is a clip from a satsang in Xavier University. USA. He speaks to Christian priests of a theology, that eventually, is the Chrsitian churches are going to prevail in the future they will have to implement, to adapt their message to the times and the sophisticated mind of modern […]