Existence VII

The limited stage we call existence.. So what’s the sense of it?  No sense.  Rather wake up every morning and say to yourself that I am divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity; divinity shines through me; and I am that divinity.  So a simple little prayer in the […]

Existence VIII

All conflicts stem from guilt And when everything is one, no conflicts could remain in your mind at all. For all your problems are because of conflicts. And those conflicts is forever conning you all the time with its flicks and flickerings in your mind. Get rid of those, my beloveds, it’s so easy. Do […]

Existence is being what you are

That is the stage to reach.  No Father, no you, but just an isness, an existence inseparable from that which you regarded to be the Father, from that which you regarded to be you.  This can be practiced every moment of the day in dreaming, waking, sleeping.  At first we thought that «I want to […]

To live is to be awakened

To live is to be awakened. To live is to be alive to all the forces of nature around us in alertness. Deep alertness is that vast awareness where the entire universe is comprehended. When a spark flies out from the fire, the spark thinks, “Oh, look at this long existence of mine!” But in […]

Non dualism II

Are you the body, the mind, or the factor that cognizes the body and the mind? And like that you go on and on and on until you reach a point which is zero.  Then only can you say, «I’m not the body.»  Then only can you say, «I’m not the mind.»  And when you […]

Non dualism III

Proving the Truth of Existence So I, with something that has no substance but which has just created an impression there, presume that this mind and this body is real.  So now, what have we done so far?  We are accepting the reality of the mind and the body, and, at the same time, we […]

Non dualism IV

Make the best out of these three score years and ten!! Now should I as a man or a woman or whatever not get rid of these memories, those impressions? Should I not start a different life in such a way that automatically those impressions will be obliterated? Now if this would happen to me, […]


So what we want is experience. We want to experience here and now in this lifetime what search is all about and what the goal is all about. Because we are just searching and searching and going around in circles.