Existence V

Sensory input is governed by the manas or the lower mind which receives the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. But in the reception in the lower mind it cannot exist by itself for the lower mind has to travel down to chitta, which is your subconscious mind or memory box.

Enjoy the gift!

Where have you come from and where are you going to? You don’t know. Millions of mental speculations, but you do not know. You know that you were born and you know for certain that you are going to die, and that is life’s only certainty.

Existence VII

The limited stage we call existence.. So what’s the sense of it?  No sense.  Rather wake up every morning and say to yourself that I am divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity; divinity shines through me; and I am that divinity.  So a simple little prayer in the […]

Existence VIII

All conflicts stem from guilt And when everything is one, no conflicts could remain in your mind at all. For all your problems are because of conflicts. And those conflicts is forever conning you all the time with its flicks and flickerings in your mind. Get rid of those, my beloveds, it’s so easy. Do […]

Existence is being what you are

That is the stage to reach.  No Father, no you, but just an isness, an existence inseparable from that which you regarded to be the Father, from that which you regarded to be you.  This can be practiced every moment of the day in dreaming, waking, sleeping.  At first we thought that «I want to […]


Fear is in the roots of all anxiety and indirectly, of the depressions we suffer. Today in this world the consumption of tranquilizers and antidepressants is so much extended that has become the main drug consumed in the western world. In the root of the anxiety we suffer is fear, and in the root of […]

The shadow

When you chase your shadow, it is always running ahead of you. And you can’t catch it. It’s always running ahead. But when you forget the shadow and keep on running, it will be following you all the time.

Thinking about Fear

You’ve got to neutralize the mind. And how do we neutralize the mind? By spiritual practices. If a fearful thought comes into your mind, let it be there. You can become an observer of that thought and the thought loses its power. Now to become an observer, it’s a long process, it just does not come overnight. There must be some easy way. So what do you do?