Gurushakti, or Grace, is a Universal Force

That presence is not to be gotten from elsewhere, it is there already; and the one who feels this is the unfolded man. When the mind and heart are opened, it cannot remain empty. It becomes filled with Grace. Gurushakti, or Grace, is a universal force that is existent everywhere and pervades everything in existence. […]

Focusing your attention to Christ, Buddha or Krishna

When we focus our attention on any of the personages of the great religions—gurus, real masters, or spiritual teachers—we are unplugging our hearts. In the unplugging of the heart, the universal force that is there enters. A picture of the great master is used only as a focal point. This can bring those forces and […]

The mission we have on hand

We come to realize that we are functioning from that source which is forever unfolded. Through our meditational practices and the power of Gurushakti, or Grace, we are pushing forth automatically. This is because we have opened the door—we have knocked and the door has opened. Because of that, Grace is permeating every action of […]

You can only share if you have something

You can only share if you have something—and in that sharing, an expansion takes place. The heart and mind expand in greater awareness, and everything around us assumes a form that we would never have dreamt of before. Everything becomes divine and beautiful. In this beauty, we melt away into another world or dimension. We […]


What gives you 60% of what is necessary? JASUTI: Could you give us some new suggestions on how we can increase the intensity of our gurushakti practices? GURURAJ: That’s very easy, don’t do gurushakti. I’m joking, you know that. Gurushakti is something indefinable. It is the power of grace that you are drawing unto yourself […]

Am I enlightened

You cannot know Do we really know now, even with the senses, where we are? We are at this conference center, that we know. But where are we really? Do we know that? You do not know that until you have been totally integrated and been totally centered, then only can one know where we […]

Am I self realized?

Knowing Self Realization TAMAJI: Guruji, if and when meditation leads us to the state of no form, no name, and no senses, how do we know we’re there? And how do we translate that state into daily life? GURURAJ: Beautiful. Do we really know now, even with the senses, where we are? We are at […]