The Eternal Wanderer

Christ consciousness means that consciousness to which man has to aspire, and that is the true meaning of the words, “No man goes to the Father but through me.” It means: Reach the stage of consciousness that I have reached, and you become one with the Father. All the karmic and dharmic values of this […]

For Him, everything is play

The Buddha or the Christ or Krishna retains a very fine or slight sense of individuality, and yet knows simultaneously the universality of it all. Those great Masters have the choice of merging away into the void or being born again and again in different forms, shapes, and sizes, in different climes and times. They […]

Christ serves so many purposes

A teacher like Christ serves so many purposes. He brings forth into the world that pure consciousness that brings about a balance. He inspires people towards that pure consciousness, and by the shakti that emanates from him, affects and touches the pure consciousness within people around him. He ignites and sets off the spark. And […]

Gururaj in Xavier University

Reminding us about the essence of spiritual teachings Do you let go of Divinity, the omnipresence that is forever there? How can you let go of omnipresence when it is present everywhere? Who is trying to let go of what? Who asks this question of letting go? Who has to let go? Is the core […]

Go beyond the personal God!

You have to go beyond the personal God and reach into the realms of the Impersonal God. When a person believes that there is a God sitting somewhere in heaven, we give him the right to believe that. Because it is only through a concrete conception that we can go beyond into the realms of […]

Who can conceive of that which is abstract?

Who can conceive of that which is abstract? It is so much easier to conceive of it through the concrete. It is through the concrete that we become one with the abstract. True awareness necessarily stems from the truth that is within us, and it is a quality of truth to be absolutely unconditioned. When […]


“Iswarapranidam” is what all religions are about . . . self-surrender to Divinity. We talk and read about “Thy will be done.” It is just lip service. As long as we have this “me and mine,” then “Thee and Thine” are always forgotten. Self-surrender implies the principle, “Thy will be done.” Now, if you cannot […]

You cannot be taught

There is a living force . . . pure consciousness . . . ever-existing Divinity . . . and it is up to you to activate it. You have a choice. Act according to your temperament and with sincerity. Because no matter how much knowledge you acquire, you will have to discard it one day […]