Awareness I

The nature of awareness TAMAJI: Beloved Guruji, would you speak about the nature of awareness? GURURAJ: Good. Now awareness, would awareness have any nature? Because when you use the word nature of awareness you are applying qualifications to awareness. When we talk of the nature of anything, naturally we would add qualities to the very […]

Awareness II

Attachment and need We do find that there is no answer. Because if you hate someone, can you find the answer for hating someone? You cannot. You cannot find the answer why you hate someone. You can only find excuses but not the real answer. Oh, because, you know, this one said this to me […]

Awareness III

Tapping the superconscious level of yourself So, through spiritual practices, as more and more cells open, more and more of the universal mind flows through. And only when you can capture the totality of the universal mind, then you become fully aware of the entire universe. You become so aware that you just know. So, […]

Awareness IV

What are we aware of? We start on the path, through all the process of evolution, through all the machinations of the mind, through all the turmoils, through all the misery, but if we accept one fact, that even the misery and the sufferings are there for a purpose, that leads you to greater awareness. […]

The sense of I-ness

Who’s will is it? There is no contradiction at all between my will and thy will. The contradiction only lies in the fact on which we put greater emphasis. For if I and my Father are one, how can there ever be a division between His will and my will. Because I do not exist […]