Name and Form with respect of isness

  Now, we come to an important question. How real is the mind? The mind is totally formless. Mind has no form, no shape, no size. It is universal and immeasurable, and yet because of the lack of awareness, you create form within the mind which is formless. You create a name which is nameless. […]

Thinking useless thoughts

So what is here in the mind? Nothing but confusion. All kinds of varying thoughts conflicting. I have to pick up this glass. Now I have to think, «Shall I pick up this glass or not?» Why must I think, «Shall I pick up this glass?» Pick it up. Do you see? Most of the […]

The reality exists within you

So we normally divide things up because separation is part of our nature. We always divide things up. This glass is separate from me. And you are separate from her. Or whatever the case might be, I am separate from that video camera. And because of the sense of separation, you also create the separation […]

Isness and Actuality

   So meditation and action are totally allied to each other. There is no separation. Why do you want to meditate is to find that oneness within yourself where the mind, body and spirit can become integrated. Fine. That is good, that must be done; but it must also find its expression in your daily […]

Discrimination (Viveka)

The power of discrimination, (viveka, as they call it in Sanskrit), is for one purpose: to be able to discriminate between the changing and the unchanging, to discriminate between the relative and the Absolute. The Absolute is our real essence, it is changeless. All change is but a manifestation of the changeless. When you combine […]

The universe is nothing else but mind

The universe is nothing else but mind. Mind is nothing else but matter, existing in various gradations from the totally subtle to the totally gross. Our temperaments are such that we are searching and seeking, but oddly enough, we do the seeking and it is Divinity that finds us. This happens because our search is […]

The purpose of life is to find oneness

Because these flowers are tangible we call them material. We call the vase material because it is tangible and perceptible by the five senses. We can see it, touch it, hear it, and smell it. But beyond the value of the five senses that make these objects material, there is a binding force which keeps […]

To live is to be awakened

To live is to be awakened. To live is to be alive to all the forces of nature around us in alertness. Deep alertness is that vast awareness where the entire universe is comprehended. When a spark flies out from the fire, the spark thinks, “Oh, look at this long existence of mine!” But in […]