Prana could also be called shakti

Prana could also be called shakti. Shakti means power, and power means force. At the very beginning of creation this force was manifested because it is the nature of the unmanifest to become manifest. The activating force behind everything is prana. The relationship between prana and the three gunas is that the three gunas would […]

A balanced life is a total life

All unhappiness and strife in this world come because people do not function as total human beings. What is lacking is integration—of body, mind, and spirit. A balanced life, a total life, will be a life where the physical, mental, and the spiritual aspects live in harmony, and a person lives as one unit, as […]

Non Dualism I

Am I non-existent? Ramu:  Beloved Guruji, this question is in the form of a riddle.  I am that which causes awareness to flow from the grossness of the lower mind to the un‑differentiated bliss of the superconscious.  I am not mind, but upon me the mind rests.  I do not move, yet through me all […]

Non dualism II

Are you the body, the mind, or the factor that cognizes the body and the mind? And like that you go on and on and on until you reach a point which is zero.  Then only can you say, «I’m not the body.»  Then only can you say, «I’m not the mind.»  And when you […]

Non dualism V

Why deny yourself of that beautiful joy of this so‑ called existence when you can have fun. What’s wrong with fun. Enjoy it. But be honest and sincere, that’s important.

The best way to…

The best way according to Gururaj Ananda The best way to loose weight Now this girl had a problem, she was overweight, that was her problem.  And she kept on talking about her weight problem.  So she meets a friend who tells her that «Stop talking about your problem.  The best way to lose weight […]

Honesty and sincerity

Drug-taking leads to fragmentation; meditation leads to integration. Spiritual growth depends upon your honesty and sincerity, and on your wanting to find a certain inner freedom and yet be part of society. The big “I” permeates all thoughts, and all actions of the small “I”. The degree of permeation of the big “I” depends entirely […]

Function in wholeness

For a radio to be tuned in properly to get the broadcast, the radio has to be in good order. The tubes and the cells in the radio have to be working well and in harmony. Now, that harmony, in our terminology, is called integration. So when our “radio” is totally integrated, or working in […]