I am the master of my destiny

In mundane and materialistic ambitions, we just need to infuse the spiritual quality and a mundane ambition becomes a spiritual ambition. That is how we reach the kingdom of God which is within. If a person speaks of “me and mine” and “you and yours” it is because he finds a separation between me and […]

I am not this, not that. II

I always said gurus are dumb‑asses So I, with something that has no substance but which has just created an impression there, presume that this mind and this body is real. So now, what have we done so far? We are accepting the reality of the mind and the body, and, at the same time, […]

The sense of I-ness

Who’s will is it? There is no contradiction at all between my will and thy will. The contradiction only lies in the fact on which we put greater emphasis. For if I and my Father are one, how can there ever be a division between His will and my will. Because I do not exist […]