The 20 Times satsang V

What is realization? What did Descartes say again? I asked you to remind me the other day. «I think, therefore, I am.» The bloody fool. If he was here, I would shoot him. I think, therefore, I am. Who thinks, what thinks, and what thought could give you the meaning that I am what I […]

The 20 times satsang VI

This world is pregnant with thoughts that will never germinate This world is pregnant, and I’m not talking of the population explosion. Pregnant with thoughts that could never germinate because it is involved in thought formations. Now how can the formless have formation, and how can thought realize with its own particular forms that which […]

Existence II

Finding the totality of existence Continue listening

Existence III

I am existence Therefore the Scriptures say that man must reach a stage where happiness or good tidings must not elate you, and bad tidings or sorrow must not deflate you. You see, elation and deflation this could not occur to the man whose problems have been resolved. In other words, he has gone beyond […]

Existence IV

Manifestor an manifestation in relation to thought «He who knows in reality the supreme glory of my manifestation is united with me by unfaltering yoga. Of this there is no doubt.» This verse contains a very deep meaning. The meaning is so deep that just by understanding this, the implications of this verse, you could […]

Existence V

Sensory input is governed by the manas or the lower mind which receives the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. But in the reception in the lower mind it cannot exist by itself for the lower mind has to travel down to chitta, which is your subconscious mind or memory box.

Enjoy the gift!

Where have you come from and where are you going to? You don’t know. Millions of mental speculations, but you do not know. You know that you were born and you know for certain that you are going to die, and that is life’s only certainty.

Existence VII

The limited stage we call existence.. So what’s the sense of it?  No sense.  Rather wake up every morning and say to yourself that I am divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity; divinity shines through me; and I am that divinity.  So a simple little prayer in the […]