Jytta Loehr

Jytte-BellisimaJytta Loehr is a established Danish artist and a student of Gururaj since 1982. She leads the Danish Meditation Society and also teaches meditation in Smitri , Greece.


 Académie des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium 1,978th
​​Study, Japan 1978
Scandinavian Association Performers College, Rome 1993
Fresko-school in Florence in 1999, 2000
Greek Academy, iconography-line, 2004

During his career, Jytte Loehr lived abroad for several years and worked in Paris, Copenhagen, Japan, Greece, with the permanent studio in Copenhagen since 1986 and in Greece since 1993.


Galerie Gerly, Denmark
Gallery South, Denmark
Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
Gallery SOTO, Denmark
Galerie Grothe, Denmark
Palace Yard, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark
The Danish Institute, Athens, Greece
The Danish Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Gallery Humlum, Denmark
Galerie Vartei, Vilnius, Lithuania
Rhodean Epavli, Rhodes, Greece
Gallerie Brantebjerg, Denmark
Gallerie 45, Brussels «Female Gallery», Denmark

Permanent collections

Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling, Danmark
Union Exhibition of Women Painters, Sculptors and Engravers, Paris
Salon des Independants, Grand Palais, Paris
Art Fair Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Fair Herning, Denmark
Contemporary Art Collector Art Fair, London
Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais , Paris
Europawoche, Rostock, Tyskland
LafonLoehr, Charlottenborg, Denmark
Sofienholm, Kunstforening Lyngby, Denmark
Gerly Gallery (LafonLoehr) Danmark
Galleri Weibull, Danmark
Kvindemuseet i Danmark, Aarhus, Denmark
Galeria Art Cubic, Barcelona, ​​Spanien
Open, Menilmontant, Paris
Gallery Brantebjerg, Danmark X = X, Rundetårn, Danmark
Rumfang, Pumpestationen, Danmark
«Science & Art», Det Danske Institut Athen


The School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
Copenhagen Amtsgård, Glostrup, Denmark
ISS International, Holte, Denmark
Danfoss in Paris, France
Nestlé, Copenhagen, Denmark
Lawyers and Economists’ Pension Fund, Copenhagen, Denmark
adult education center, Hjørring, Denmark
female corpse Workers, Copenhagen, Denmark
Kommunedata, Ballerup, Denmark
The Danish Cultural Institute, Athens, Greece

Prices and scholarships:

Academy Price: «Price de l’Association des Jeunes Peintre Belges» 1978
Hannman Scholarship
Berlingske Tidende Artist Scholarship
Foundation for Danish-Icelandic Co
Scholarships for work stay in Rome, Athens, Florence

Member of

Artists’ Society
Artists’ Association of Nov. 18
Female Artists’ Association
Danish Art 2000, 2003
Listed in Weilbach’s Kunstnerleksikon

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