A real teacher

Gururaj_priya_104A real teacher, in the class of Buddha, Christ, and Krishna, feels the pain of your clinging. That is why the scriptures say, “He died for your sins; he suffered for your sins.”

Devotion and love are felt within. The true master immediately feels and sees it, and not even a word needs to be spoken.

The guru is a channel and has the ability to pour through himself all the energies that a person requires. But the recipient, too, must have certain qualifications.

We cannot ask a teacher to make a child pass high school, if that child has not even passed sixth grade. The student, or the chela, also requires the qualifications. In our field, the spiritual field, the qualifications are sincerity and honesty.

A human being needs the human touch, the human impulse, to obtain maximum benefit. When you are feeling ill, you call a doctor. Yet there is no doctor that can cure you: your body has all the elements within it to cure itself. The doctor can diagnose the source of the illness; and the medicine which he will prescribe to you will be the factor in balancing the forces within you. It will help you in the process of curing yourself.

That is all the guru does.

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