What is the use of analyzing darkness?

yo-tempestadA person creates conflicting ideas within himself, and it is this very conflict that creates illness. As a matter of fact the conflict is an illness itself.

What is the use of analyzing darkness? It does not solve the problem. In analyzing darkness, we only find it to be darkness. The element that is missing is the light of the superconscious. Take the direct line to the superconscious. The human being has this ability.

All suffering can be seen as an offering.

This is the object of life, this is the purpose of life: to find the real Self that resides within you. And when that is found, life’s mission is completed. This does not mean that all your troubles are going to cease.

There will be troubles while we are living in the relative world which is governed by the various gunas. Those ups and downs will be there. You cannot have an ocean that will be still all the time. Some days the sea is calm, other days the waves are rushing high. But amidst all you are based in the silence, and not in the turbulence.

Before, concerned with the surface values, we only noticed the turbulence. We were tossed on those waves—here and there, from pillar to post, in the turbulence.

But realizing the fact of the calmness in the depths we get anchored to the silence; then we enjoy the turbulence. It is beautiful. So long as this universe exists, this turbulence will always be there.


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