Bondage is your own creation

Gururaj_blanco_negro_26During the time of Buddha, in spite of all his great teachings, the world was not enlightened. Krishna could not enlighten the world, neither could Christ or any other spiritual teacher. Yet those who are attracted to a particular spiritual teacher, who have the required love and sincerity for their own personal progress, can move forward for their own self-betterment. In this lifetime few will achieve enlightenment. Yet even those that do not receive enlightenment will feel the benefit of progress made on the path.

If your window is clean and the full light is shining through, you will not notice that there is a glass. The glass exists, but it is so infused and empowered with light that the glass becomes as if non-existent and purposeless. That is the mergence we want.

Self-realization is limited to the finest relative in that you are still the individual self, but limited by the boundaries of the finest relative. Knowing the entirety of the small self and its various ramifications, from the grossest to the subtlest, you become free of them. You can stand apart from them because of the state of equilibrium.

Bondage is a superimposition on liberation. The superimposition comes from what we call mind.

Whatever bondage you assume yourself to be in is your creation.

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