We have been born to spread joy

Gururaj_namaste_recorteWe have been born to spread joy. That should be the ambition of life, and that is the spiritual ambition.

All desires are binding. They take you on the wheel of birth and death all the time, over and over and over again. When a desire is refined and becomes desireless, where the desire is not for one’s self, but for others, then that desire is sublimated.

By making yourself a better person, you have made the society you live in a better society, because it is the units that compose a society and not the society that composes the units.

There is no East, no West, no North, no South, there is one world, one humanity. The apparent difference lies in different forms of culture where people have different ways of doing things.

All the philosophies in life are of no value whatsoever if they are not made practical. If philosophy is not made practical, it is nothing more than mental gymnastics.

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