For Him, everything is play

Buddha playingThe Buddha or the Christ or Krishna retains a very fine or slight sense of individuality, and yet knows simultaneously the universality of it all. Those great Masters have the choice of merging away into the void or being born again and again in different forms, shapes, and sizes, in different climes and times. They come to teach, and to bring the message home.

The void, the Impersonal, is too neutral. That is why there are personal gods to whom love and devotion may be given. When you give love and devotion to the personal God, you are not doing him a favor; he doesn’t need it. You are doing it to develop love and devotion within yourself.

These great Incarnations cannot be judged. When Jesus went to the inns and had a glass of wine, it did not mean he was not that Christ Consciousness.

The important thing about the man called Jesus was the spirit of his, called Christ. What we are interested in is not the man Jesus, but the consciousness within him, that Christ Consciousness. It was Jesus the man that cried out, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” But Christ never said that, because Christ was one with the Father all the time.

One thing that hurts me very much is that our beloved Jesus is always portrayed with tears running down his cheeks. One thing I can tell you that he was one of the most cheerful men on earth. He said, “Be of good cheer.” And Jesus would not preach anything which he did not practice. Remember that. So let’s be of good cheer and let’s laugh.

Who enjoys himself most in this universe? The Incarnation. For him, everything is play.

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