Cleansing of the mind

Corrección de GR2009-025Through meditational and spiritual practices, the mind using itself as an instrument, can allow itself to be led from its grosser level to its finest relative, which is the superconscious level. When one reaches the superconscious mind, one reaches the cognition that all is One. The conscious mind is limited, extending only to the environment of the little speck of dust which we call Earth. But the superconscious mind has within its framework the entire universe, and that is how the mind can cognize the entire universe.

By cleansing, ridding the mind of all those impressions, good or bad, you are refining the individual self, and that is how you reach the Universal Self.

When even one person thinks a thought, a good thought or a bad thought, it must affect his environment. The more powerful the thinker, the vaster the range of his thought. That is why an enlightened person who is forever dwelling on the sattvic level can think a thought here and affect someone who is 20,000 miles away. This is how healing works and how questions are answered.

Mental maturity is a prime condition toward self-realization. It does not mean having great powers of intellect. It does not mean you have to become an Einstein. This is not necessary because if Divinity is infused within the mind then that limited intellect also becomes limitless. It is not necessary to express it in verbal means, or in analysis, which is what the intellect does all the time. It is an experiential value for the mind which is fully permeated by the spiritual self, by Divinity.

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