Controlling the mind

Gururaj_con_Ramon_en_el_campoThe more you exercise effort in controlling the mind, or controlling thought, the more will thoughts come. Thoughts are like monkeys in a tree. If you want to quiet the monkeys, it does not help to shake the tree; they will jump even more. If the thoughts are left to themselves, they will settle down by themselves.

Man is a composition of that which is good and that which is not good. But all the time, within the human mind, a sifting takes place, or a churning process, like the spinning of milk to separate the cream. That is how the mind is purified.

The mind is a very cunning instrument. We doubt everything and everyone. The only thing we do not doubt is our mind, and that must be doubted the most, because it is so cunning! It is the mind that leads us astray.

Knowledge can build a steel wall around us so that we think we know, though we don’t know. It all remains in the realm of the mind. What the mind thinks that it knows is all within the framework of the mind, and that knowledge can be useless.

Being able to think deeply is a double-edged sword. It can tie us up into more knots or it can cut the knots free.


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