Cosmic Consciousness

Gururaj_imagen_ojos_cerradosCosmic consciousness comes about when the mind, at its first level, recognizes itself to be a mind, yet is separate from the Absolute, having recognition of the source of energy. With recognition of the source of all light and energy, appreciation begins. Appreciation always bring with it love and devotion for the light and the source. Recognition is cosmic consciousness. Appreciation of the light and the source is God consciousness. You are conscious with the entirety of your mind, whose range is as vast as the universe. With the entire universal mind that is within you, you appreciate the Manifestor, of which the universe is the manifestation.

We will only reach our goal when awareness becomes aware of itself.

When you reach the state of enlightenment then you exist alone, but that aloneness, that oneness, encompasses the entire universe. In the scheme of things, in the oneness you experience, in that aloneness, there is no aloofness because you have become part of the entire universe.

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