Death causes no pain

Lilac BackgroundThe greatest thing that could ever be achieved in this life is not always to mind your step, but to take a leap. The greatest things created in this world—from the most fantastic bridges to the tallest skyscraper—exist because a person was prepared to take a leap!

Death causes no pain whatsoever. What causes pain is the fear of death. Death is painless; fear is painful.

One of our basic fears, which is behind all fears, is the loss of individuality. But the thing that has to be realized is that by losing that individuality and assuming universality you become the master of the universe. You and the Maker become One.

How much joy is missed in life because we do not want to change.

We must say, “I am not standing alone. Hand in hand, relativity walks with Absolute. I am not alone—who or what can cause harm?” When we realize this, and affirm it to ourselves, when we feel it within every bone and every drop of blood in our bodies, then everything becomes an opportunity. You need not create it; it is there. Opportunity is beauty, and we have been gifted with the greatest opportunity of life: being able to live.

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