Suffering near a sage

experienceSo that is how life goes on in unawareness. This body goes on in unawareness, the mind is incapable of perceiving or conceiving the various functionings of ourselves within ourselves and of the universe around us. Because they are subtler laws of nature that is forever there and doing its work.

But the mind, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind ‑‑ because that is as far as people do try and reach ‑‑ they could only conceive of grosser things. But the real state of being is beyond conception. It is so easy to admire someone with great intellectual power, so easy to admire someone who has attained great intellectuality like Einstein or whoever. But it is so difficult to recognize a different state of being. It is so difficult to recognize a person who functions in a different state of being which is beyond intellectuality.

So although the mind has its job to play, all that is real, all that is actual, is in the realm beyond the mind which the superconscious level of the mind, that fraction, can experience and have a glimmer of. So that is what is known as «God‑ realization,» where the finest, subtlest form of the ego becomes one with the light. That is God‑realization. But that is not the end; the end is to become God. Hm? The end is to become It: Brahmasmi, I am Brahma. That is the end. My Father and I are one. That is the aim of life.

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