Discrimination, too, must be Discarded

Gururaj_pijama_discipulos_1The human being must experience what life is all about, and what Divinity is all about. Philosophy and discrimination cannot touch this experience: It is like explaining color to a person who is born blind. You cannot explain it.

You can try to explain what the beauty and fragrance of a flower are like, but a person has to see and smell the flower to know. You can analyze in a laboratory all the chemical components of sugar, but what do we know of sugar if we do not taste its sweetness? Sugar is there for its sweetness, not for laboratory examination.

Discrimination plays its part in our life, but discrimination, too, must be discarded at the stage where love and devotion grow.

It is not necessary to take everything I say uncritically. By all means be critical!—but be critical with an open mind.

You have been brought up in a certain way of life, and some teachings might seem foreign. If something sounds foreign, then become critical about it. But criticism must never be destructive or deriding: that “something” must be accepted with an open mind, and evaluated with constructive criticism as it applies to your individual self.

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