Free will is a very strange creature..

gururaj_web335Free will is a very strange creature. At the same time, it is the greatest gift given to mankind by Divinity for his own progress. Exercising free will may lead you to greater suffering, but that greater suffering could be more evolutionary for you. You might learn more from that suffering because behind your free will there is a Divine will that guides the destiny of the individual.

You have been given the gift of free will, so do not misuse that gift. You have been given the lamp to light the way home, but do not use the lamp to set the forest afire.

Only we are to blame for misusing our free will. We have the mechanism and the power within us to join free will with Divine will and move with the current of nature, not against it.

gururaj_web3612The misuse of free will produces friction, and friction is suffering. Yet that very suffering can also lead you to understanding. But, if you have the choice, why not choose the easier path? For each and every one, consciously or unconsciously is bound to return home, even as the prodigal son did. Each and every one is headed back to merge away into that light from which he has come.

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